The Vitamin Consultancy White Papers

Vitamin Consultancy Essays, Opinions and Briefings

The Vitamin Consultancy White Papers are more detailed essays and legal memoranda, some written while in practice as a lawyer, regarding significant issues for dietary supplement purveyors and advanced healthcare "CAM" practitioners.

These articles were written during the past three decades."

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The White Papers

1. Alternative Practices and the AMA Code of Ethics

2. The Practice of Alternatives is not the Practice of Medicine

3. The Herbalists' Charter -- Ancient Rights for Modern Practitioners

4. Mum Marketing -- Niches on the Internet

5. The New Jersey 1995 DHEA Cases Story

6. Bioenergetic Nutrition

7. The Right of the Public to the Truth

8. Opinion Letter on Immunization Alternatives

9. The Ministry and Alternative Practices

10. Asset Protection Strategies

11. DHEA Cases, 1995

12. A Lyme's Note: My Experience

13. Nutrient Labeling Considerations

14. Personal Importation of Nutrients and Prescription Drugs

15. BioAcoustic Evaluation is not Medical Diagnosis

16. Dietary Supplement Labeling and Advertising

17. Thompson v Western States Medical Center - Case Note

18. Precedent Setting Internet Injunction

19. Traditional Uses of Dietary Supplements Advertising Claims

20. FDA Surprise Inspection

21. What marketers need to know about "Dry" Test Marketing

22. Fund Raising for NGOs

23. SOPs, cGMPs, Manuals - Outlines from the Vitamin Lawyer

24. What Products are Permitted under DSHEA

25. The Diabetiks(R) Case