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Who Is The Vitamin Consultant? Ralph Fucetola JD received a B.A. with Distinction from Rutgers University, 1967 and a Juris Doctor (Doctorate in Law) from Rutgers Law School, 1971. Since then he practiced law until 2006, specializing in Nutrient and Complementary / Alternative Health Law for 35 years. He is now available for consulting, nationally and internationally. Ralph Fucetola was widely recognized as a leading attorney in the field, receiving numerous awards, including a Citation of Merit from the National Health Federation in 1979 and a Meritorious Service Award (from the institute for Health Research) for his role in the 1995 DHEA Cases on behalf of the Life Extension Foundation. Ralph Fucetola limits his consultancy to claims, advertising and label review, and consulting with marketers, consumers, advocates and local attorneys regarding NGO, emergeing companies, Health Care Freedom issues, petitions and litigation. He is available as an expert witness.

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